At Fuji our vision is to empower a movement that will revolutionize digital innovation. Our goal is to build a sustainable Fuji branded ecosystem that will be a Web3 based brand operating as a real world business with real world utility including partnerships with both Web2 and Web3 companies.


We have nothing to hide.

We are transparent. Our cards are laid face up for all to see. There are no smoke nor mirrors.


Loyalty over royalty.

Those who never wavered, will reap the rewards. Loyalty in itself is a reward, and those who stayed loyal, get rewarded.


Fuji is Family.

We see the Uniqueness that each community member holds. To pay our respects, we always hold their opinions close to heart whenever there is decision making to be made.


It’s a marathon, not a race.

Little accomplishments mean more overtime than a single major victory. That mindset is what helps Fuji Bear Fruit.


Bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3.

We will create a sustainable ecosystem with Fuji at its core, everyone is crossing this bridge together.


A promise is your word.

If you don't have your word, then you have nothing to show. Fuji stands by Integrity, our promise is our word, and our word never wavers.

Within our community we recognize that we have many talented and creative individuals that have a lot to offer not only to our community but to people in both the real world and Web3 space. At Fuji we not only believe about revolutionizing the Web3 space but also the people within it, we will propel each individual to the forefront of their field and make them the leaders of tomorrow. Overtime, we will provide all of the necessary resources that are needed to excel each members ambition. In anticipation of facilitating our Warriors forward, we have introduced the "Sensei's Guidance" program, and the "Warriors Academy."

The Sensei's Guidance Program


The Sensei's Guidance program will be direct support that is offered to you by select industry leaders, business professionals, mental health professionals, and educators. These individuals will be available for scheduled consultations and will provide direct 1 on 1 support.

Warrior's Academy


Our Warrior's Academy will be providing a mixture of exclusive holder and open invite events for members to attend. These different events will cater for various industries that provide captivating topics with a wide range of different guest speakers. This will allow members to network and create connections in the Web2 space to aid them in their Web3 journey.

Community Spaces


At Fuji we are, first and foremost, community based and that means we are focused on empowering our members. However, we do know that each individual is part of other communities. To benefit our holders we will be initiating an expansion of our Web3 network to further harness all of the wide spread knowledge within the Web3 space.

Our vision is to be a central hub of information for our members. We have noticed that Twitter community-run spaces have made a big impact since their inception. We love the Twitter Space movement as we believe that these social gatherings are a great place to network with like minded individuals. Thus, our verified holders will have our support as the Fuji team to organize and promote their Twitter spaces as a show of our faith in them and their endeavors.

"The Scoutt Code"


Fuji is committed to benefiting the environment and contributing to sustainable solutions. This particular initiative is close to our teams hearts and we believe that through our passion the community will reciprocate the same value. "The Scoutt Code" will be a long-term goal for Fuji that will be supported by it's own whitepaper.

Monthly Donations


At Fuji we want to create a positive impact and believe in giving back to other communities and charities. It is our goal that we will donate a percentage of monthly royalties towards different not-for-profit organizations. These charities will either be nominated by or voted on by our community to ensure transparency and integrity.

Fuji NFT

IRL Events


We believe that there is no better way to truly be community focused than organizing and entertaining in-person events with our community members. We want to bridge the personal gap and get to know each one of you in Web2. Our goal is to organize a number of events including, Meet & Greets, NFT Art Exhibits and Collaborative Festivals.

Fuji Fashion


Exclusive Fuji fashion clothing drops will be offered to our Fuji Warriors. We will continue to channel our sustainability oath and ensure that this initiative is environmentally friendly. We are already progressing our first line of clothing, so stay tuned...



Fuji is set to bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3. Many other projects intended to provide this same utility but have been unsuccessful, Fuji is different we will succeed. We truly believe that this utility will provide long-term sustainable benefits to our holders. We are committed to capturing Web2 communities interest to be a part of the Fuji brand, in turn further expanding our brand to known markets. Currently we are investigating several options including Fuji Funko-Fygitals, Fuji Vibe Record Vinyls and limited edition Fuji Manga. All of these options will ensure our continued success whilst providing historic mementos of the project. It is important to understand that we are prioritizing our efforts on establishing our Web3 brand before enacting this utility.



We pride ourselves on being community driven and focused. As a project and a team, our Fuji vision and values are clear and paramount to our success. We will collaborate and/or partner with other projects but will be selective. This will ensure that we retain our Fuji essence whilst introducing other communities to our members for mutual benefits.



To further expand the Fuji brand we have formulated an in depth Integrated Marketing Campaign (IMC) Plan that will be initiated at the start of Q3 2022.



Innovation is at the forefront of Fuji and we believe that game generation is the next frontier to truly revolutionize. We have noticed that very few NFT project teams have the experience and background to build a genuinely great and operable game. We understand that it is a huge endeavor to undertake and to successfully complete. When we decide to embark on this journey, we will ensure that we do it correctly for the community!



To further solidify our commitment to the Fuji community we are providing added value to our holders as our gratitude for the commitment they have to us and our vision. We believe that "Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but what we give." This initiative will be an integral part to the future of the ecosystem. Our intention is to airdrop NFTs throughout the course of Fuji for each holder. The intention behind these may not be initially clear but those who believe will be rewarded.